Keeping Your Garden Safe from Wildlife

Nothing is more aggravating than going out to your garden to pick vegetables, and finding that the local wildlife population has beat you to it. For many people this is a yearly occurrence that turns into a battle.

There are many different species of wildlife in Ohio that can cause damage to a garden. Raccoons, groundhogs, whitetail deer, and rabbits are just a few that gardeners have to contend with. Check the area for clues as to what species you are dealing with. Once you know, you can target that species directly with a type of repellent.

Different Types of Repellents

ODOR REPELLENTS work by deterring wildlife with an obnoxious odor. There are many commercial products that can be purchased or some gardeners prefer their own concoctions. Sometimes something as simple as a bar of soap or mothballs will help.

VISUAL REPELLENTS work by startling the animal. Again, there are different items that can be purchased or landowners can make their own. Scarecrows or pie pans are the best examples of these. However, there are now many different electronic motion sensing items available that can out-compete the straw stuffed scarecrow. These new items can be seen in any gardening supply catalog or local store.

FENCING is by far the best repellent that you can have. Any type of fencing will work partially; however if there is mild electric current associated with the fence it will work even better. Although, you should check with local village or city ordinances to see if electric fencing is permitted. Usually it is not. Remember, fencing works the best if you can fence the area of your garden even before the planting. This will condition the wildlife to stay clear of your garden.