The Art of Nature: Nature Journaling

In conjunction with the Muskingum County Library Systems, we will be developing and hosting a FREE Nature Journaling club, “The Art of Nature”.
Children and adults need nature. Connecting with nature can improve health and reduce stress and it is also a meaningful place to learn. There are no substitutions to being in nature. There you can see habitats, animals, insects, and the natural world up close. You can engage your mind and discover the world using art, writing and science. Nature is more than just wilderness. It can be farmlands, urban parks, community gardens, playgrounds, or national forests. Nature journaling is about observing whatever is in front of us.

Nature Journaling is not just about drawing pictures. You can use numbers,
tables, graphs, words, photography, and math to observe and study the world around you. The purpose is to increase your skills in observation, thinking, and memory. Whatever technique you use, you develop a life-long
connection with nature.

At this time, “The Art of Nature” journaling club is geared towards adults
(high school age and older). However, it is a fun, relaxing family activity, and we will have details in the future on our upcoming youth nature journaling club. Nature journaling is also an inexpensive hobby – the only materials needed are a blank notebook of some sort and colored pencils. To assist some with getting started, the Muskingum County Library is sponsoring the materials for the first 25 that register for the initial kick-off event!

Due to COVID-19, our current monthly events will be held virtually for the foreseeable future. The events will feature speakers and instruction on how to get started nature journaling, and experts on various aspects of the natural world. If you want to learn more about drawing, trees, bees, or wildflowers, you won’t want to miss our upcoming virtual events. The events will also provide time for questions and sharing. Future plans include taking local field trips (once we’re allowed to gather in groups again) and on-site speakers. The events will be held the third Monday of each month at 6 pm, and details can be found through the Muskingum County Library’s website at as they are handling registration. Make sure to enter your email in the registration to receive the virtual invite.

You can also post pictures of your journals on the Nature Gallery website.