#5Minute Nature Challenge


Several years ago, the EPA funded the National Human Activity Pattern Survey as part of the Clean Air Act. That study showed that, on average, Americans spend only 8% of their time outside. There is now a vast variety of subsequent research to show that our mass exodus from nature is causing a variety of health and mental struggles, especially in our youth, who are disconnected more than ever. Getting outside is such a simple way to reconnect with yourself and the universe around you. There are so many health benefits from getting outside, even if it is only for five minutes.

Join us for our #5MinuteNatureChallenge! This fun activity is an easy one for all ages, encouraging you to spend five minutes outside and observe things you view everyday but do not actually see. Every night we will post on social media what the 5-minute challenge is for the following day, or follow along with the calendar provided in this newsletter. Simply snap your picture and use the hashtag #5minutenaturechallenge to post on Instagram and Facebook. If you post to Facebook, you will need to tag Muskingum Soil and Water, with @MuskingumSWCD. Make sure you also check out others` pictures on the online Nature Gallery, you will need to visit the page to submit your picture each day. Take this challenge and get outside (socially distanced, of course)!

Along with getting outside and enjoying nature you could win a prize! After each challenge, starting in February you can win a gift from the District. Every time you post, your name will be added for the drawing. So, the more you post the more chances of your name being drawn. We will do this after each quarterly challenge. At the end of the year we will do a final drawing and that person will become the “Master of the #5minutenaturechallenge” and will also receive a gift!