Muskingum SWCD Big Tree Contest Winner

A Red Oak wins this year’s prize for the biggest tree in Muskingum County.  The tree was measured by Muskingum SWCD staff this spring.  The tree, owned by Rix Mills Presbyterian Church scored 312.375 points.  This points total was calculated by adding the circumference in inches (198 inches or 5.22 feet in diameter), the height (92 feet) and the crown spread average times .25 (89.5 ft x .25).  Congratulations, Rix Mills Presbyterian Church.

This year we actually three entries for the big tree contest. Unfortunately do to the weather conditions and the location of the tree, across Thompson Run, from the only access point we were unable to get to the tree and measure it.

Everyone out there knows of a tree that they have thought for years “That may be the largest tree I’ve ever seen in Muskingum County”.  Let’s round up as many big trees as possible. All of the non-winners this year will be entered into the contest next year, so that’s a mark to beat.  Let’s find the biggest tree in Muskingum County.

If you are interested in submitting a tree for next year’s contest you may want to log on to the state’s website to see how your tree might measure up.  This site can be found at:

You may be surprised to find that you have the next Ohio big tree sitting right in your back yard!  For more information on big trees you can contact Robert Boehle at (740) 454-2027.

2020 Big Tree Contest
NameSpeciesHeightCrown AverageCircumfrencePointsRank
Rix Mills PresbyterianRed Oak9289.5198312.41st
Gene and Polly MichaelWhite Oak7285.25177.6270.92nd