The agricultural program of Muskingum County is truly a coat of many colors. The county is approximately 424,00 acres in size and contains a wide variety of agricultural products. Livestock and grain operation make up the bulk of the agriculture in this county. As many farms are being sold or downsized, other areas such as fruit and vegetable production are increasing.

The Muskingum Soil and Water Conservation District is constantly developing and assisting with programs to prepare agricultural producers to deal with the environmental issues of the future.

At no charge to the landowners, we offer onsite consultation for the following:

  • Conservation Planning
  • Contour/ Filter Strips
  • Seeding Recommendations
  • Soils Information (Aerial Maps)
    • 2012 Soil Comparison for Crop/ Pasture
    • 2012 Soil Comparison for Woodlands
    • USDA NRCS Web Soil Survey
  • Surface & Subsurface Drainage (Tile Drainage)
  • Spring Development
  • Grassed Waterways
  • Diversion Ditches
  • Conservation Tillage Information
  • Pond Information