Watershed Program

What is a watershed?

  • Watersheds are an area of land that drains into a stream, lake, or river.
  • Watersheds can be thousands of acres draining into a river or lake.
  • Watersheds also can be as small as a few acres draining into a creek or pond.

Did You Know?

  • The Salt Creek Watershed encompasses approximately 96 miles of water.
  • There is approximately 93,000 acres of land in the watershed.
  • There are 11 townships that are part of the Salt Creek Watershed:
    • Adams, Blue Rock, Highland, Meigs, Perry, Rich Hill, Salem, Salt Creek, Union, Washington, and Wayne.

Soil Types:

  • Lowell-Guernsey-Gilpin association
  • Glenford-Newark-Fitchville association
  • Westmoreland-Berks-Guernsey association
  • Wellston-Zanesville-Alford association
  • Westmoreland-Coshocton-Rigley association
Stream NameDrainage (sq. miles)Length (miles)
Salt Creek14527.1
Manns Fork19.87.5
Kent Run9.395.9
Boggs Creek18.27.6
Indian Run4.243.8
White Eyes Creek12.56.7
Pleasant Run2.341.9
Georges Run6.553.7
Little Salt Creek14.77.5
Prairie Fork7.184.3
Buffalo Fork27.69.5
Williams Fork6.664.7
Lapage Run1.220.9
Frog Run6.245.5
Land Use/Land CoverPercentage (%)
Urban (open Imperious Surfaces)0.29
Agricultural/Open Urban Areas48.25
Open Water0.08
Non-Forested Wetlands0.29
Barren (strip mines, quarries, sand and gravel pits)0.03